Aayesha Aijaz Bari


Chasing Exuberence

(verse poem)


Building the headstones on
debris of passionate courage

Stroking colors on
monochrome faces

Upholding a rebellion on
the shunned land

Painting rainbows on
dispiriting skies

Harvesting beats on
lost love

Subduing imageries on
the chain of being

Flickering shimmer on
blackened souls

Coating neon on
Abandoned alleyways

Against the facade of the misty evening
All for what is alive and breathing

Fleeing omens in search of portents
Forever in quest of progress

Because I know, happiness doesn’t chase me
It’s my own efforts that will take me there

Responsible you are, for your miseries
Reluctant still, for the cemeteries

Decide now or regret later
To stay a blackened soul or the spirit of color?

Book Review: Me before you

​Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I read this book when it first came out. A very dear friend lent it to me ( which is amazing because i don’t know how people lend their books. It’s like giving up your baby ) 

The storyline was so good and well crafted, it touched my soul! I never understand why authors make me fall in love with a character and then break my heart. I cried crocodile tears. Such an emotional rollercoaster ride!

It’s original, reality based and yet it makes you believe in the existence of love. To exploit the notion of love in such a cliche manner is beyond awesome. It’s a tale of a girl convincing a man that he has something to live for and the man teaching the girl to free herself of societal bounds and explore the world unknown to her in other words, teaching her to “live”. The underlying message is so strong and clear that it levitates you into a state of nothingness where all the focus is on you and your definition of a disease called amor deliria nervosa (pun intended from Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver, which was also great, which my dear friend lent to me. How do you do this? woah! )
The turn of events is never predictable, the story has its fair share of humorous moments, the plot shifts paints a surprising picture of the class differences in a small European village and how it effects the lives of people in the book, its hits the chords of travel and adventure but most of all it makes you reflect on assisted suicide.
An emotional typhoon, a book to learn from and a book making it’s place in you for times to come. Jojo Moyes you’re a winner!
I recently watched the movie which also gets a 10/10 from me. It rarely happens because movies based on novels are never as good as the books. The emotional connection and rawness of the feelings is experienced in the movie as well which made me cry crocodile tears again. A must watch for everyone!

Reflecting on Pakistanis Reaction to War

Rationalizing terrorism is more dangerous than terrorism itself and worse is our insensitivity. Recent Indian military boastfulness and swaggering aggressiveness sticks out like a soar thumb. State level draconian tactics on both sides are spewing hatred for the sub-continental neighbors at national level. Profoundly influenced by the heated atmosphere that surrounds me at this time, I’m bound to pen down my thoughts on this skeptical upcoming war. Being citizens of this motherland that we call Pakistan, its protection, integrity and sovereignty is our first and foremost duty, no question about that and I’m sure my Indian neighbors feel the same way about their country.
Rebuking onslaught of our fellow Kashmiris with pained hearts is one thing, however, welcoming war is a whole different matter. What irks me is the behavior of Pakistani youth who’s making a joke out of this fiasco!

War isn’t something to be glorified.

It comes with a price of blood. My rant here is against the falsified notion of valor and courage in war and misguided idealism of the civilians. I’m not a pacifist nor am I opposed to defending my motherland when some fool dares attack it or aiding our fellow Kashmiris in times of need, but I want all to see war as it is, not the poetic view of it. Can you even imagine the aftermath a nuclear conflict may bring? Innocent deaths is the inevitability of war. It just calls for prolonged darkness in which building new pieces is next to Impossible. We are already fighting terrorism and it has cost us lives of soldiers, civilians, men, women and children. Mothers not knowing whether their sons are going to come back or not, wives and children left alone, homes destroyed.This is the gruesome reality of war, it’s not a child’s play.

It’s about time we start dealing this matter seriously instead of joking about war and the glory it supposedly brings.

The murder of innocent Kashmiris can never be justified just because it is a by-product of the spiraling Indian violence and disorder of decades of war. It isn’t and can never be a solution to a dispute. Stop making fun out of this situation. Instead, do something you really can. Boycott the entertainment industry of the country which aides terrorism in your cities. Give up this hypocrisy of spitting venom on social media and then dancing crazy on Indian songs at your weddings. Supporting your stance on Kashmir and building the economy of the country inflicting violence on Kashmir can never go hand in hand. I’m a peaceable person, a staunch supporter of Pakistan Armed Forces, probably in the vain hope that a better understanding of the circumstances of war may help prevent or limit it.

Rest assured, it’s NOT my call to be ambivalent about who’s your friend and who’s foe or to be a defeatist. This nation was born with a sacred statement as a cause and this nation will defend it’s sanctity for that cause. I quote my favorite words by Horatio Nelson, “Gentleman, when the enemy is committed to a mistake, we must not interrupt him too soon.”

We need to break the nexus of threats, terrorism and corruption and are ready to retaliate and defend the future of this great nation in order to provide a framework of discipline in which a peaceful mind can roam free. But, it’s nothing to be celebrated or seen as a noble undertaking. Raging an illusionary war along with celebrating the culture of your enemy shows nothing but your incompetency and hypocrisy as a citizen of this state. Support peace, support Pakistan, get out of your delusional beliefs and see war in all it’s honesty.

#AlhamdulillahForSeries Gratitude Journal Review

Gratitude Journal

Ratings 4/5
When I first heard about the journal and the team behind it, I didn’t realize the full force at which they were progressing or the actual motive behind their work. I’ve been keeping track of their updates since the day I noticed them on social media, regularly checking their blog and the messages the two sisters, Ayesha and Samina posted on their online feeds. But I tell you this, when the journal came out, I was caught off guard! It’s this cute tiny book with some serious message. Each page is a metaphorical reference to the principles of Islam.The gratitude journal comprises of beautiful illustrations from various artists portraying a developing theme. It involves themes of peace, love, rejuvenation and bonding with others and the Lord. The compilation alone is a feast for eyes, easy text with pretty illustrations, exactly what you need to read amidst the chaotic life devoid of faith. The underline message is what makes this journal a must have for you. It teaches us to be thankful for the most simplest things we tend to ignore. Reading it made me realize about our massive hollow lives because we don’t acknowledge the  blessings Lord has bestowed upon us. It’s something parents nowadays fail to instill in their children. #AlhamdulillahFor Series Gratitude Journal is perfect book for muslim kids helpful in their sound upbringing, an easy way to teach kids the basics of our deen. We have been too busy teaching our kids fanciful stories or getting them hooked to latest gadgets, the generation of today is lacking basics of what makes us who we really are.

If you have kids, you need to teach them to be thankful to Allah for what they have. A daily reminder to pen down your thoughts at the end of the day, counting the uncountable blessings, a virture itself.
It’s for you too, an escape from monotony and pasted social media lives plaguing us, replacing authenticity and happiness with fakeness, greed and anxiety. This journal makes you feel good about yourself and your existence. You’re important, you’re blessed, you have it all, open your eyes and look around!

What’s sets the journal apart from all others is it’s bold initiative and uniqueness. It’s skilfully crafted and easily affordable, keeping psychological behavior and response of kids and youngsters in mind since this is the age group it targets. A project unlike any other, journal based on teachings of islam. What else you need to start and end your day with?

order yours on


The thing
unrequited love
is that ;
You are never sure
Memories are to be cherished
Unsaid words
bridling flowers
Once vital
Now futile
Tattered pages
And fading fragrances


tragedy isn’t
My longing
Vicissitude is

Still hating and
Still loving

So, tell me!

These memories of mine


to be cherished

-Aayesha Aijaz Bari

Lament for the East

Your hands remind me the fragrance of my homeland

My father acquired by paying the price in tears and blood


Your hands remind me Arabian jasmine flowers

My mother plucked to wear them as earrings


Your hands remind me of an ornate cage

In which birds fought an inward rage


Your hands remind me of the spices on my tongue

Which warmed my soul for days to come


Your hands remind me of the old henna tree

I planted it next to my grandmother’s grave


Why did I plant this old henna tree?

Then abandoned it for a hollow spree
Why did I sell the bangles my sister wore?

When life away from this land was never sure

Why do I struggle for the Western feast?

When my soul sings the song of East


Why do I still cling to the ta’wiz on my neck?

When all it does is call me home
Why did I call this land dead?

When your hands are still stained mahogany red

-Aayesha Aijaz Bari

The Hunger Games Trilogy Review 

​Hunger Games Trilogy ~By Suzanne Collins
First things first, it’s a Y/A novel but it’s NOT something for kids under the age of 11. If you allow your kids to read this then be very descriptive about the turn of events in the book , discuss thoroughly with them and explain the reasons behind certain plots which kids might be unable to grasp and will understand only in the negative sense.
This review is with mild spoilers and I’ll be mentioning a basic synopsis of the books.

I have decided to do a collective review of all three books in this series to analyze the author on broader terms.
I immensely enjoyed this series. The whole story is divided into three books and you’ll be reading all three once you have  read the first whether you like or not.

The opening of the first novel is into a typical post apocalyptic world with a dystopian society. A system sparred by tyranny, money spectacle, hunger, injustice and energetic youth. Our heroine, Katniss who’s also the narrator takes us through her enforced journey to self discovery, justice and war. The characters of Collins story develop astonishingly well. You feel them as they really are. The relationship Katniss has with her family and friends is so raw for us that it makes us feel connected to them through her. The poignant character for me was Katniss’s mother, silent and pained. Her struggle and will power was so heroic but still she was the unsung force behind a whole lot of people. Collins takes us to a rollercoaster ride when it comes to love. This series is so addictive because of it’s love triangle which doesn’t reach to a conclusion until the third book. The dramatic life and death plot makes it incredibly compelling and hard to put down. It’s full with action, bitter reality of the human race, the character of evil, overly ambitious need to be powerful and the courage to stand by what’s right even when no one supports you.

But parents, please beware that the storyline is brutal. Even though the writing is geared for young adults, the main characters are teenagers, there’s very little physical romance, and the actual violence would probably count as PG-13. I don’t believe in stopping kids from reading literature but this book contains war, scenes of bloodshed, hatred and weapons so you need to clarify the use of such literary themes and symbols evoking pity and fear to your kids.

It’s a highly realistic book to be a dystopian novel which accounts for it’s success even in Hollywood. It shows war on how it really is and doesn’t glorify it. The author highlights the very thing which we all need to understand and that is, the state isn’t faced with corruption problem, instead the state is itself inherently corrupt.

 The characters don’t get their fairy tale ending and Collins maintain the originality of her prose throughout the theme of war.

Strong plots, great climax, excellent rendering of metaphors and antithetical elements which have balance between themes of evil vs good, society vs family, internal vs external psychology, this book is a complete package. The best literary device was the use of symbolism by the author. The symbols in these books are the main driving force of all the upcoming events, created in the first book they continue till the last page and even signify the meaning of book’s title.Only thing I didn’t like was the drag scheme of progressive events in the third book which was so jam-packed with action yet I got bored at times because of the monotony of it.
The movies didn’t do any justice to Collins brilliance. It didn’t poke the emotions of the audience in relation to the characters. It left out the tiny details which were to be proven so important in the upcoming books and gives insights to authors creative imagination. I loved the books and so would you.
P.S Gale is my new fictional babe after so many years of crushing over Oliver Woods from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and more recently Elias from “Ember in the Ashes”.


Wanting to be someone, she’s struggling to recognize her most innate demons.
Not everyone possesses this urge to be the best of themselves. The will to defy stereotypes and leave a mark, the determination to show the world what you are through your words, wisdom and art.

This is the most noble thing she can do to herself.




One of the best inspiration that I’ve ever received came from others
Of insightful thoughts

Of beautiful fonts on life

Of compassion

Of love

Of courage

Of hate

Of blissful guilt

Of sinful journeys

Of kinder words

Of unending dreams

Of raw ideas

Of sad smiles

Of sleek craftsmanship

In form of 

A motivation

An award

A present

The best consolation is that I am myself.

I am a sucker for words. Things seem clear in my head and when I talk to myself but they never come out of the mouth right. The only justice I do to what I feel and what I wanna say is when I write.

This pen is my best asset, and I write you this. You can be all you want to be. This world is yours. Hard work is your weapon. You’re a part all the good things in life. You’re the potential and a pivot of a gleefully balanced world. 

 Break the dependence. Stop using your masculinity and femininity as an excuse to not being what you want to be. Inspire to get inspired. 

Work hard

Rage a havoc.

Yes, the world is yours.

– e c s t a s y-

(Verse letter to you)

You want not to be yourself
I want not to be me,
Leaving our masks
And stepping into


We swam far away
From the pretences
And appraisals
Only to find each other

Sprawled on the sheets
And dazed

Every day, at sundown, I’m reborn
You linger to look up on me
I cherish your tainted skin
Murmuring poetry on your freckles

Since dark is what brings up your light
The warmth within, and a warrior’s might
Thinking through your fingers,
With bitten nails, tracing lines

To please the heart my love invades,
That’s salvation from the spades
Wheresoever I turn my gaze,
With senseless demeanor I praise

Merge with my soul
Why don’t you?
By stepping into

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