Gratitude Journal

Ratings 4/5
When I first heard about the journal and the team behind it, I didn’t realize the full force at which they were progressing or the actual motive behind their work. I’ve been keeping track of their updates since the day I noticed them on social media, regularly checking their blog and the messages the two sisters, Ayesha and Samina posted on their online feeds. But I tell you this, when the journal came out, I was caught off guard! It’s this cute tiny book with some serious message. Each page is a metaphorical reference to the principles of Islam.The gratitude journal comprises of beautiful illustrations from various artists portraying a developing theme. It involves themes of peace, love, rejuvenation and bonding with others and the Lord. The compilation alone is a feast for eyes, easy text with pretty illustrations, exactly what you need to read amidst the chaotic life devoid of faith. The underline message is what makes this journal a must have for you. It teaches us to be thankful for the most simplest things we tend to ignore. Reading it made me realize about our massive hollow lives because we don’t acknowledge the  blessings Lord has bestowed upon us. It’s something parents nowadays fail to instill in their children. #AlhamdulillahFor Series Gratitude Journal is perfect book for muslim kids helpful in their sound upbringing, an easy way to teach kids the basics of our deen. We have been too busy teaching our kids fanciful stories or getting them hooked to latest gadgets, the generation of today is lacking basics of what makes us who we really are.

If you have kids, you need to teach them to be thankful to Allah for what they have. A daily reminder to pen down your thoughts at the end of the day, counting the uncountable blessings, a virture itself.
It’s for you too, an escape from monotony and pasted social media lives plaguing us, replacing authenticity and happiness with fakeness, greed and anxiety. This journal makes you feel good about yourself and your existence. You’re important, you’re blessed, you have it all, open your eyes and look around!

What’s sets the journal apart from all others is it’s bold initiative and uniqueness. It’s skilfully crafted and easily affordable, keeping psychological behavior and response of kids and youngsters in mind since this is the age group it targets. A project unlike any other, journal based on teachings of islam. What else you need to start and end your day with?

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