​Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I read this book when it first came out. A very dear friend lent it to me ( which is amazing because i don’t know how people lend their books. It’s like giving up your baby ) 

The storyline was so good and well crafted, it touched my soul! I never understand why authors make me fall in love with a character and then break my heart. I cried crocodile tears. Such an emotional rollercoaster ride!

It’s original, reality based and yet it makes you believe in the existence of love. To exploit the notion of love in such a cliche manner is beyond awesome. It’s a tale of a girl convincing a man that he has something to live for and the man teaching the girl to free herself of societal bounds and explore the world unknown to her in other words, teaching her to “live”. The underlying message is so strong and clear that it levitates you into a state of nothingness where all the focus is on you and your definition of a disease called amor deliria nervosa (pun intended from Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver, which was also great, which my dear friend lent to me. How do you do this? woah! )
The turn of events is never predictable, the story has its fair share of humorous moments, the plot shifts paints a surprising picture of the class differences in a small European village and how it effects the lives of people in the book, its hits the chords of travel and adventure but most of all it makes you reflect on assisted suicide.
An emotional typhoon, a book to learn from and a book making it’s place in you for times to come. Jojo Moyes you’re a winner!
I recently watched the movie which also gets a 10/10 from me. It rarely happens because movies based on novels are never as good as the books. The emotional connection and rawness of the feelings is experienced in the movie as well which made me cry crocodile tears again. A must watch for everyone!